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Whether you’re looking to find an apprenticeship position, or already part way through completing a course with us, we’re always happy to help and advise you. Have a look through the frequently asked questions below, and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

What is an apprenticeship?+
An apprenticeship is a form of full time, paid employment through which you gain nationally-recognised qualifications. Apprenticeships enable an individual to kick-start a career in their chosen field of work, and are a great option for people with little, or no previous work experience.
Why should I do an apprenticeship?+
An apprenticeship is a great way for you to get into paid employment whilst continuing your education, and is a viable alternative to college or university. You’ll be able to stand out from the crowd with the on-the-job skills and experience you’ll gain, along with the industry-specific knowledge you’ll learn throughout the course. Through completing an apprenticeship you’ll achieve nationally-recognised qualifications (equivalent to GCSEs or A Levels) which, along with the practical skills and experience you’ll gain, will improve your employment prospects and future professional development.
What are the entry requirements for an apprenticeship?+
There are no formal entry requirements for an apprenticeship, however you must meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) in order to receive government-funding towards the course. For more information on whether you are eligible for an apprenticeship, click here
How do I apply for an apprenticeship?+
To apply for an apprenticeship position online, click the ‘apply’ button on a vacancy advertised in our Job Search page. If you can’t find the job you’re looking for, you can send your CV to info@apprenticeshipconnect.co.uk along with your name, contact number and the type of apprenticeship you’re interested in. Or, you can speak to one of our recruitment consultants on 020 3829 6920 between 9-6pm, Monday to Friday.
How much do apprentices get paid?+
Apprentice wages start at a minimum of £3.50 per hour, however many of our positions pay more. For jobs in London and the South East we set a higher minimum wage of £10,000 per annum due to increased living and travel costs.
What holidays and annual leave are apprentices entitled to?+
Apprentices are entitled to at least 28 days annual leave per year – the same statutory minimum as normal employees. Employers often subtract the 8 public holidays from this allowance each year.
What qualifications will I gain through my apprenticeship?+
An apprenticeship is a framework of qualifications which is made up of a QCF (NVQ), BTEC, Functional Skills, Employee Rights & Responsibilities (ERR), and Personal Learning & Thinking Skills (PLTS). At the end of your apprenticeship you’ll receive a certificate for each qualification, as well as an overall apprenticeship framework certificate. For more information about each of the apprenticeship components, click here.
How will my apprenticeship be delivered?+
Your apprenticeship is delivered through one-to-one tutoring sessions at your workplace each month for the 12-month duration of your course. During these visits, your tutor will conduct teaching and training sessions relating to your job role, and will help you to collect evidence that demonstrates your workplace knowledge and competencies. All evidence you produce will be stored on your personal e-portfolio, which is accessible 24/7. For more information about the delivery process, click here
What types of apprenticeships are available?+
There are many apprenticeships available across a multitude of different sectors. For a full list of the courses we deliver, click here, or to search our live apprenticeship vacancies, visit our Job Search page here.
Do I have to be in full time employment to do an Apprenticeship?+
In order to complete an apprenticeship you must be employed a minimum of 30 hours per week. All of the positions advertised on our Job Search page meet this requirement.
How long does an apprenticeship last?+
An apprenticeship typically lasts a year, although higher level apprenticeships can last up to 18 months.
How will I get my apprenticeship certificates?+
Certificates are usually ready 6-8 weeks from the apprenticeship end date. You will be given the option to collect these at our offices in London or Birmingham, or have them posted to an address of your choice.
What happens when I finish my apprenticeship?+
At the end of your apprenticeship your employer will decide whether they’ll continue employing you and you’ll have the opportunity to decide which steps you take next. Most of our apprentices choose to continue working at the same company, but others decide to move on and apply their new skills and knowledge elsewhere.
How do you support apprentices with learning difficulties and physical disabilities?+
We provide additional support to apprentices with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and those with physical disabilities such as visual or hearing impairments. We can provide resources such as a scribe or large-print documents, and can facilitate other reasonable adjustments to ensure that an apprentice with learning difficulties or a physical disability is not at a disadvantage when completing the course. If you would like to find out more about the additional learning support available, please contact us.

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