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Apprenticeships explained



Apprenticeships are a form of full-time employment where an employee works towards a nationally recognised certificate that is related to their job role and sector. They are paid a salary by their employer while receiving job specific training from a specialist tutor, who supports them to gain the knowledge and competencies they need to jumpstart a successful career at their place of work.

Apprenticeships have a minimum duration of 12 months and are available from Level 2-5.


    High starting salaries and hefty recruitment fees can make hiring graduates a costly process. Apprentices, with significantly lower salaries and our free recruitment service, are an attractive alternative to graduates for many businesses when filling entry-level positions. With the support of our tutors, apprentices can quickly learn the skills they need to become valuable employees and many employers do not identify performance gaps between graduates and apprentices once trained.


    In today’s climate of tighter budgets and the mounting pressure on HR departments to find cost-effective recruitment solutions, apprenticeships provide a low-cost and straightforward method of hiring fresh talent - with high and long-lasting returns on investment. 4 in 5 employers experienced a reduction in staff turnover as a result of investing in apprenticeships, and many also reported improved levels of motivation, competitiveness and overall productivity.


    With support and training from our experienced tutors, your apprentice will quickly gain the knowledge and competencies required for their job. A vast range of optional units allows you to tailor their course to suit both their needs and those of your company; and with all learning taking place in the workplace, you can expect minimal disruption, and maximum impact.


    Apprenticeships can help improve overall business performance and productivity, with a committed and competent workforce. 83% employers with apprentices reply on their apprenticeship scheme to provide the skilled workforce they need for the future, with over half reporting that a high proportion of their former apprentices now hold managerial positions.

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