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Recruitment Process



We offer a free recruitment service for employers looking to hire 16-23 year olds into apprenticeship positions.

Recruitment can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, but with the size and experience of our team, we provide quick and effective personnel solutions to employers, both large and small, across multiple sectors.

Whether you’ve recently set up a business and want to hire an apprentice to reduce your own admin workload; or you’re part of a large organisation looking to take on multiple apprentices as part of an expansion drive, we can help find the right applicants for you.


Through our initial consultations we’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s goals and culture, to allow us to find the best possible solutions to your recruitment needs. Together, we’ll identify the required and desirable traits you’ll look for in applicants, before working with you to create a suitable job description and person specification for your vacancy. We’ll run internal compliance checks to ensure the vacancy is suitable for an apprentice, before advertising it on your behalf.

Market Position

We’ll advertise your vacancy on a range of industry-leading job boards, including Reed, Total Jobs and Monster; on our social media platforms; and at selected trade fairs and careers events. With over 1000 applications for our positions each week and our vast database of candidates, we’ll be able to start screening candidates within a matter of days - sometimes, even hours.


As we receive applications, we’ll screen the CVs to ensure candidates meet the minimum experience and prior attainment requirements we identified during the consultation. Suitable candidates will undergo a screening process via telephone interview, so we can gain an initial measure of their communication skills, current skill-sets and career goals. Successful candidates will be invited to our offices for the second stage of interviews.


Each candidate will have a face-to-face interview with one of our experienced talents partners, who will measure them over a range of skills and traits in line with your job specification, to ensure they’re able to make a well-informed judgement of their overall character and competencies. We will also offer careers advice at this stage, to ensure that an apprenticeship and career in your sector is the right choice for the candidate. We endeavor to replicate the conditions of an employer interview where possible, so we can provide any support the candidate may require before proceeding to the next stage.

Evaluation & Shortlist

Following the interviews, we’ll evaluate each candidate’s competencies and character against our own standards, as well as those identified during our initial consultation. We’ll also consider their wage expectations and travel time, before shortlisting the candidates we believe to be the most suitable and highest-calibre. You will then be able to decide which candidates you’d like to interview.

Employer Interview

We’ll support and liaise with you and the candidates throughout the third stage of interviews, which will be conducted at your offices in line with your normal recruitment processes. Following the interviews and any subsequent consultations you wish to have with us, you can make a formal offer to the successful candidate(s). Assuming they accept, we’ll work with you to make the necessary onboarding arrangements and set a job start date.

Enrolment & Delivery

Once the candidate has begun their employment with you, our team of enrolment officers will become your main point of contact as they support you and the candidate through the apprenticeship enrolment processes. We will arrange for your candidate’s designated tutor to visit your workplace to introduce themselves; outline the apprenticeship structure and delivery methods; and complete the enrolment paperwork required to secure funding for their course. From this point, your new employee is officially an apprentice and will begin their learning journey. Find out more

Future Business Needs

Although your apprentice’s tutor will be your main point of contact and support throughout the course, our recruitment team are always happy to discuss any queries you may have and to help with any further business needs. Recruit an apprentice