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At Apprenticeship Connect, we do not charge a fee for apprentice recruitment and we do not charge a registration fee to enrol your staff or apprentice onto our training courses. If you are a levy paying company, you can use the funds in your Apprenticeship Service account to fund the cost of training. For non-levy paying companies, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) provide 95-100% funding for the cost of training, subject to the size of your business. Some employers may be required to contribute 5% toward the cost of training.

Find out more information about course funding.

If you are enrolling your existing staff onto a training course, their wages are not affected. For newly recruited apprentices, you are required to pay at least the apprentice NMW. However, we encourage the employers we work with to pay more in order to attract the right calibre candidates to your vacancy. We’ll work with you to determine the most appropriate salary for your position based on the job description and the level of prior attainment and experience you require applicants to hold.

Need to know more? Read our employer apprenticeship advice to find the answer to employer FAQs.


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